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Adele Net Worth

Adele Net Worth

Adele Net Worth

Adele Net Worth: Reason Why It is Not $125 Million

The main reason Adele net worth isn’t high, she is refuse to take money from endorsement. Adele has said she feels endorsements would devalue the respectability of her music. Starting 9/7/16, Adele’s integrity has charge her an estimated $60 million so far. Adele and Simon Konecki (boyfriend) recently have a baby namely Angelo in October of 2012. Adele found her passion for music in early age 15 however pinpoints her actual inspiration as her disclosure of singers Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.

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Since 2008,  Adele’s net worth has developed sporadically.  In 2008, Album sales of Adele first hit collection 19, topped 7 million copies. The Adele’s net worth in 2009 reflects the ’08/’09 financial crisis. The awesomely net worth comes in 2011 from $6 million to $23 million comes from sales of her diamond certified album 21 which sold an unparalleled 30 million copies around the world, worth Adele $37 million dollars.

Adele Net Worth


Adele Net Worth Sources

Adele Concert Tours$21,250,000
Adele YouTube Earnings$33,941,669
Probable Investment Income (6% of net worth per year)$3,748,331
Total Adele Earnings (2008-2016)$139,738,066
Estimated Adele Lifetime Taxes (56% tax bracket)$74,251,442
Estimated Total Expenses (10% of income)$20,156,592
Total Adele Payouts (2008-2015)$94,408,034
Adele Net Worth$64,976,249
Average Adele Annual Salary$8,122,031


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