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Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth

Eminem Net Worth And Assets

Eminem net worth is $243 million starting 9/14/16. The Eminem total assets all out comes  from a wide blend of sources including albums, shows, acting, producing, merchandise, and endorsements. Eminem is a truly well known entertainer who has earned a total of $451 million since 1996, paying out $265 million of that cash in duties and costs and making back $57 million from investments.

Eminem has had a long and incredible career. As yet including a pay of about $20 million a year, his total assets is bound to continue moving for decades to come.

Eminem’s Michigan Mansion

In 2003, Eminem purchased a sprawling home of 5.7 sections of land in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The hillside property comprises of a big manor (more than 15,000 square feet) with 6 rooms, 9 showers, a tennis court, a lake, a dive pool, a 5-auto carport, and a guest house with 21 rooms. The property was purchased for $4.75 million and is arranged in the wealthiest neighborhood of Detroit. Eminem has been seen driving around in his luxury cars, black Cadillac Escalade and Hummer H2.

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Eminem Net Worth Sources

Eminem Albums$69,437,603
Eminem Acting Roles$1,057,188
Total Eminem Earnings$455,165,879
Eminem Salary (average)$21,674,566
Eminem Salary 2016$13,694,895
Investments (6% of Eminem net worth per year)$57,089,071
Eminem Net Worth$244,389,831



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