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Jennifer Lopez net worth is estimated to be around $320 million. Forbes reports Lopez as number 95 on its list of top celebrity earners of 2015, estimating $28.5 million earned by the whiz amid the year. Her fragrance brand has created $2.0 billion since its debut in 2002, and with her eight percent eminence rate… Read More

Garth Brooks net worth evaluated around $150 million. Together with his 10 years wife, country music vocalist Trisha Yearwood, the couple has a combined net worth of around $365 million. They are, as one, a standout amongst the powerful couples in country music. His estimated pay every year is $18,181,000. He gains from sponsorship and… Read More

Fleetwood Mac, the British-American rock band belongs to London, never expected that would rise like popcorn popping from the pot. The Fleetwood Mac began in 1967. It was formed by Peter Green “British Blues” and he named the band with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, his new band mates. When the Fleetwood Mac exchanged base… Read More

With all of this achievement, many people not even have to ask "How rich is Paul McCartney?" Actually his net worth is estimated as $1.2 billion. An inspiration artist from a young age, McCartney started playing with fellow Liverpudlian John Lennon at 14 years old, and the Lennon/McCartney partnership was one of the main thrusts… Read More

Kristen Stewart net worth is estimated $70 million. In 2012, Stewart made 34.5 million dollars, and her earnings is relied upon to keep on rising. Stewart is quite young, pretty and in high demand for future parts. Stewart estimated net worth stands at 55 million dollars, which is very great for a young lady. Kristen… Read More

Shania Twain net worth is estimated to achieve 350 million dollars, which generally comes from her engagement into music career. Twain is the beneficiary of numerous awards and nominations. Five times she has won Grammy Awards, 27 times BMI Songwriter awards consecutively and many other. She is called the most famous artist within the second… Read More

Today, Madonna total estimated net worth is $800 million. Beside of the entertainment industry, Madonna wandered into various extremely diverse avenues of business. She composed children's books, pursued fashion design, made a couple movies, and most recently – propelled a scope of skincare products called MDNA. Obviously everything that Madonna touched in a flash swung… Read More

Calvin Harris net worth reach $54.7 million starting 7/26/16,  comes from concerts, YouTube, album sales and endorsements and its around 1/6th as large as his ex Taylor Swift. Harris has earned around $137 million; however $68 million in taxes and $20 million in costs assume the fault for slashing that down under $54 million. Harris… Read More

Cam Newton's net worth is $32 million. In five years the record shattering QB will be worth almost four times. Add up to profits to date are $72 million, yet duties and costs have gotten back to an amazing $41 million. By 2020, Cam Newton's net worth will be $126 million from a new, $104… Read More

Birdman's net worth is around $180.0 million. Birdman has been rapping since the '90s, however has ostensibly turned out to be better known for his record label, Cash Money Records. Birdman has a clothing line, and was included in a suspicious oil company. He made a number of million dollars through a partnership with Lil… Read More