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Andrew Lloyd Webber, the English writer of musical theater, has an expected net worth of $1.2 billion. He is born in Kensington, London, earned his net worth through the composition of 13 musicals, an arrangement of varieties, two or three film scores and a Latin Requiem Mass. Webber is seen as a master of musical… Read More

Jackie Chan net worth is $350 million as he is the world known action hero of Hong Kong's film industry. He reinforced his profit through back-end interest and featuring in "Dargon Blade," which netted $120 million in China. Chan topped the main 10 list of highest-paid actors in Asia with $50 million earned between 2014-2015… Read More

John Cena's net worth is $24.3 million. In 2016, Cena's WWE income was spilled as $2.75 million. John Cena wealth mostly comes from his WWE salary. Truth be told, analyzing all the John Cena net worth numbers is a bear of an assignment. That’s because Cena has such a large number of various pay streams… Read More

Mariah Carey-The diva of all divas for three decades has been involve a voice in the music industry, and she's praised as one of music's iconic figures both for her voice and her behavior. But it took more than simply her falsetto to gain a reported net worth estimated at roughly $500 million, with a… Read More

Master P aka Percy Robert Miller, is a rapper, investor, actor and business person. Master P is presently worth about $350 million. Despite the fact that he doesn't have quite a bit of an active rap profession nowadays, he keeps on profiting with the greater part of his investments to be a steady apparatus in… Read More

Ice Cube, the rapper, actor, producer, and movie producer, is estimated net worth more than $140 million. Today, he sits at #14 on the list of the 100 wealthiest rappers, as per Forbes with $140 million net worth. According at his recent box office accomplishment, and also towering record sales, music productions, and collaborations with… Read More

Bono net worth is estimated $600.0 million through shrewd contributing and being a good business practices. Bono's $86.0 million investment in the online networkin totaled approximately 2.3%; he made this venture with his partners who make up the whole of Elevation Partners. Regardless of the possibility that that rate was part uniformly, Bono still misses… Read More

Top 10 Most Overpaid Celebrity The compilation list depends on the last three movies in which each actor starred, excluding animated movies in which the actor appears in a constrained part, or movies that were discharged on less than 2,000 screens. Let’s check at the 10 most overpaid actors. It appears like Bradley Cooper is… Read More

Susan Boyle net worth reached at $18 million. Born as Susan Magdalane Boyle is a popular Scottish singer whose claim strength has been the point at which she was a rival in the famous British reality show Britain's Got Talent in 2011. Boyle first collection was a chart buster which was discharged in November 2009… Read More

Bruno Mars' net worth is $73 million. Endorsement didn't add a sum net wealth of him, while Mars hasn't said he won't bring money with words, Mars has said it with actions. Pepsi and other lucrative sponsors have apparently pursued the megastar with no achievement. Mars has earned $205 million in his life in this… Read More